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Below is a listing of City documents and permit applications.  It is easier to find a document by using "search." Examples:  If you are searching for a parade permit, type "permit" in the search box.  This will narrow the scope.  If you are searching for an license related document but are unsure of the title, type "license" in the search box and all license related documents will be listed.

A number of permits have a fee associated with them.  Current fees are listed on the fee schedule which is a searchable document. Many publications, such as official applications, documents, and forms, are offered in a portable document format with a .PDF file extension. To read or print these files you will need to install PDF reader software, several of which are freely available and listed below. If you currently have PDF reader software installed on your computer, you can use it to view or print PDF files after you have downloaded them. Your browser may already be configured to use the reader as a "helper application," so that you can automatically view a PDF File when you select it. If you do not have PDF reader software installed, your browser may give you the option of downloading and saving PDF Files for later viewing and printing. In this case, you do not need to configure your browser, but you will still need to have PDF reader software installed in order to access the downloaded PDF Files.
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Department Form Name Format
Building Department New Residential Building Permit Packet PDF
Community Development Building Permit PDF
Community Development Administrative Variance PDF
Community Development Public Hearing Applicatio PDF
Community Development Certificate of Appropriateness PDF
Community Development Certificate of Occupancy PDF
Community Development Commerical Inspections PDF
Community Development Comprehensive Plan 2030 PDF
Community Development Electrical Permit PDF
Community Development Fee Schedule PDF
Community Development Foundation Survey PDF
Community Development Mechanical Permit PDF
Community Development Plan Review Application PDF
Community Development Plumbing Permit PDF
Community Development Residential Inspection PDF
Community Development Sign Application PDF
Community Development Temp Sign Application PDF
Community Development Temp Electrical Service Application PDF
Community Development Tree Application PDF
Community Development Zoning Confirmation PDF
Engineering Engineering Fee Schedule PDF
Engineering Plan Review Application PDF
Engineering NPDES Fee Form PDF
Engineering Engineering Plan Review PDF
Engineering Final Plat / As Built Application PDF
Engineering 2012 Land Disturbance Application PDF
Engineering Minor Land Disturbance Permit Application PDF
Economic Development Media Production Permit PDF
Engineering Minor Subdivision Plat Application PDF
Engineering 2012 Retaining Wall Permit PDF
Fire Fire Sprinkler Application PDF
Fire Water Flow Application PDF
Licensing & Taxes Alcohol License Fees PDF
Licensing & Taxes Alcohol License Renewal Letter PDF
Licensing & Taxes Occupational Tax Application PDF
Licensing & Taxes Excise Tax Form PDF
Licensing & Taxes Hotel / Motel Tax Form PDF
Licensing & Taxes Change of Outlet Manager PDF
Police Department 2012 Citizen Complaint Form PDF
Police Department Alarm Permit Application PDF
Police Department Police Department Application PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Bill Review Download Form PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Disconnect Service PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Hydrant Usage PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation New Service PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Senior Garbage Exemptions PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Water /Sewer Rates PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Tap Fees PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Leak Adjustment Application PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Leak Adjustment Policy PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Toilet Rebate Program PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Waste Management Holiday Schedule PDF
Water/Sewer/ Sanitation Utility Deposit Return Policy PDF
Water/Sewer/Sanitation Utility Deposit Refund Application PDF
Parks/Recreation ERP Amphitheatre Facility License PDF
Parks/Recreation Boling Park Facility Agreement PDF
Parks/Recreation ERP Pavilion License Agreement PDF
Parks/Recreation COC Stage Agreement PDF
Building Department Plan Review Building Dept Plan Review PDF
Add On Fee Schedule Add On Fee Schedule PDF
Impact Fee Schedule Impact Fee Schedule PDF
New Commercial Permit Packet New Commercial Permit Packet PDF
Parks/Recreation COC Field Rental Agreement PDF