Office of Police Chief

I would like to thank you for visiting our Webpage.  The Canton Police Department adheres to community policing values.  These values mandate that we be as concerned with customer service as we are with maintaining a safe community.  Community policing is a philosophy that often mandates different strategies for different communities, with the cornerstone being police listening to and responding to our community’s needs.  My experience is that when citizens feel safe in their community, they are more likely to be involved by calling the police when they see suspicious activity or by participating in community activities or programs.  The result is a cycle that creates a safer environment, as opposed to a cycle of violence. The Canton Police Department is entrusted to both protect and serve every member of our community.  Citizens must be assured that both timely and professional emergency assistance is continually available to them.  Citizens have the right to demand a higher level of accountability from their police department.  Officers are not only entrusted with the powers of arrest, but also the duty to use deadly force under certain circumstances.  Often these circumstances unfold very rapidly, and only well-trained and well-disciplined officers can consistently make the right decisions that lead to the high level of confidence from their citizens that we enjoy. The Office of Chief of Police includes the Assistant Chief, Executive Secretary and the Office of Professional Standards which encompasses Internal Affairs and State Certification.  As the Chief of Police, I have grown to understand the impact and influence social media can have on departmental activities and keeping our citizens informed.  Please join us on our official Canton Police Department Facebook page.

Contact Assistant Chief Mitchell

Email Assistant Chief Mark J. Mitchell

221 E Marietta St, Canton, Ga 30114
770-720-4883 p, 770-345-1409 f 

Administrative Division

The Canton Police Department’s Administrative Division consists of one (1) Lieutenant, two (2) officers and two (2) civilian records clerks and is divided into four (4) units: Records, Parking Enforcement, Property and Evidence, and Code Enforcement.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division of the Canton Police Department is managed by a Lieutenant and consists of three units: Traffic Section, Marine Patrol and the Criminal Investigation Section.

Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Canton Police Department is managed by a Lieutenant and consists of four (4) units:  Uniform Patrol, Community Relations Section, Volunteer Section and Training Section.

Canton Police Department Organizational Chart

The Canton Police Department Organizational Chart can be viewed here.